Imagine getting through A&P the first time! I know you have heard the horror stories, but it doesn't have to be that way.


SELF STUDY OPTION The A&P Foundation Session

College Prep Course for Students Interested in Nursing or other Allied Health Careers

This course is the self-study course.

Successful A&P Students have common characteristics: study skills, time management skills, and background knowledge to be successful. This course focuses on building the background knowledge for a strong foundation in A&P.

Stop Worrying and Get Ready for A&P!

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Introducing the A&P Foundation Sessions: A 6 module program to get you where you need to be before you take A&P. Designed to provide an overview of the topics that are most troublesome for A&P students and help fill in the gaps. The course is offered as a live course with 6 modules over 12 weeks or as a self-paced course. This course is suitable as a supplement or a homeschool science course (Please see FAQs for more details).


Your Instructor

Kim @ The Learning Hypothesis
Kim @ The Learning Hypothesis

I have over 10 years experience teaching A&P at the college level. This course was born from the frustration of seeing good students waste time, money, or even worse give up on their dreams. In my experience, there is a huge gap between the typical high school biology student and what is required in A&P. This course is designed to fill that gap.


Course Curriculum

At my local community college, the price of one semester of A&P is almost $700 without including books.

Students often retake this course over and over to get a better grade.

For less than 10% of your investment in A&PI and A&PII, you can build that background to take the course and be successful the first time.

That protects your wallet and your GPA.

I can't guarantee you that this course will make you an A student in A&P, but if you take this course seriously then it will improve your experience in A&P.

During the live course, you will have a coaching call over each module and access to me via email and the discussion board. It is almost like having a tutor available.

This course access continues, so you will have access to the course if you get stuck. You will also have access to an alumni group for extra support.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This is self-study so you can start as soon as you get your credentials after check out.
How long do I have access to the course?
This course access is for a single user for 3 years. After enrolling, you have unlimited access for 3 years following the date of enrollment in this course for as long as it is available on teachable.
How much does it cost?
You can enroll in the self-directed course for $47.
How will the materials be delivered?
All course materials will be available here on teachable.
Am I right for this program?
This program is designed for students that have completed high school biology and chemistry classes. It is designed for students that want to be ahead before going into college level A&P. If you aren't sure if you need this course, please take the pre-test. You can also email me at [email protected] com.